Programme 2018-03-30T09:52:06+00:00

Day 1: Analog Techniques for Power Constrained Applications

Baoxing Chen (Analog Devices International), ‘Introduction to Energy Harvesting Transducers and their Power Conditioning Circuits’

Wim Kruiskamp (Dialog Semiconductor), ‘From Bluetooth LOW-Energy to Bluetooth NO-Energy: System and Circuits Aspects of Energy Harvesting for IoT Applications’

Vadim Ivanov (Texas Instruments), ‘Design of Powerful DC/DC Converters with Nanopower Consumption’

Maoqiang Liu (Eindhoven University of Technology) ‘Nanopower SAR ADCs with Reference Voltage Generation’

Ming Ding (Holst Centre/IMEC), ‘Ultra-Low-Power Clock Generation for IoT Radios’

David Blaauw (University of Michigan), ‘Low Power Resistive Bridge Readout Circuit Integrated in a nW, Millimetre Scale Pressure Sensor’

Day 2: Sensors for Mobile Devices

Hans Klein (Cypress Semiconductors), ‘Capacitive Sensing Technology from pFs to aFs’

Luca Sant (Infineon), ‘MEMS Microphones – Concept and Design for Mobile Applications’

Zhichao Tan (Analog Devices), ‘High Performance Dual-Axis Gyroscope ASIC Design’

Burak Eminoglu (University of California, Berkeley), ‘Direct Frequency-to-Digital Gyroscopes with Low Drift and High Accuracy’

Zeyu Cai (Delft University of Technology), ‘CMOS-Compatible CO2 sensors’’

Neale Dutton (ST Microelectronics), ‘Time of Flight Imaging and Sensing for Mobile Applications’

Day 3: Energy Efficient Amplifiers and Drivers

Khaled Khalaf (Imec), ‘Will More Digital Cool Down MM-Wave Transmitters?’

Marco Berkhout (NXP Semiconductors), ‘Balancing Efficiency, EMI and Application Cost in Class-D Audio Amplifiers’

Klaas Bult (Delft University of Technology), ‘High-Efficiency Residue Amplifiers’

Youngcheol Chae (Yonsei University), ‘Energy-Efficient Inverter-Based Amplifiers’

Lorenzo Crespi (Synaptics), ‘Low Power Microphone Front-Ends’

Mark McCloy-Stevens (Cirrus Logic), ‘Class-D amplifiers in deep sub-micron technology”’